Bytecode Viewer

For those who don’t know, ByteCode Viewer is a awesome reverse engineering suite that its perfect for using on apk reverse engineering.

It comes with support for 5 different decompilers:

  • Procyon
  • CFR
  • FernFlower
  • Krakatau
  • JD-GUI

In the GUI it allows to have up to 3 pane to compare side-by-side the different outcomes of the different decompilers:

alternate text

Since version 2.9.7, it comes with a command line interface, feature that I request to @konloch and he kindly implemented. Now is possible to decompile apks with multiple decompilers from command line. This is very useful when we want to script this process.

Another cool feature is the Decode APK Resources (Settings -> Decode APK Resources). This decodes all the resources like activities layouts xml, android manifest xml and other resources. A folder named Decoded Resources will be created in the root structure of the workspace.

You can get it at

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